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Line Production

We provide complete support and services for all your shooting needs. Our team is well versed in all the aspects of productions. And our well-rounded set of services ensures you have everything you need. As your production partners, we arrange for every thing you need to shoot from manpower to equipment and from locations to post productions. We have production solutions for all budgets & also provide for best deals. We work hard to ensure that you can work uninterrupted and with complete ease and provide for hassle free and friendly ambience for your production so that your project blossoms as you envisioned it to be.

We provide for following services:

– Assessing your production requirements and accordingly chalking out a budget plan, which is most suited to you.
– Helping you to develop an insight on costs of different production requirements.

Location Scouting & Sets:
– Finding out the most suitable shooting location by scouting you different unexplored beautiful locales & the perfect environment for you to shoot.

Licenses & Clearances:
– Providing you with information about documentation required & the time frames involved.
– Taking care of all legalities of the process in getting your equipment and other accessories for shooting custom cleared.
– Doing all the necessary legal work and paperwork to obtain the permissions required for filming at a particular location or any other permission required for your shoot.

– Being equipped with the latest technology available, we can arrange for world class shooting equipment.
– We have certified labs along with trained and meticulous technicians to handle your negatives and other processing needs.
– We can provide you with the any of the following equipment at highly competitive rates:

  • All types of camera in formats like 35mm, 16 mm, Red, High Definition, Digital Beta-cam, etc.
  • A range of lenses, film stocks & video tapes.
  • Other equipment required during production like cranes, jibs, vanity vans, etc.
  • All sort of lighting equipment which is efficiently supplemented with various generators to suit all kinds of power needs
  • An array of modern sound equipment as per your needs

– Helping you to obtain a best talent that fits your requirements. This includes the main cast, supporting cast, dancers, extras, specialized performers and any other casting needs can be arranged for depending upon your requirements.

– By having an access to a network of experienced & highly qualified professionals which includes the entire gamut of production personnel, we can help you out by providing all the competent crew members you require at a reasonable price.
– Language Crew – Arrange for a language crew so as to maintain a better communication among the whole crew and build a hassle free shooting ambiance.

Travel, Transportation & Logistics:
– Helping you out with all the travel and logistics management required in your shoot.
– Charting out the most efficient travel plan for you & also arranging for your preferred mode of travel at a competitive rate based on your requirements and the options available.
– Helping you to gain access to shoot anywhere you prefer, assisted by a super-efficient logistic team handling the crew and equipment.
– Deporting the crew & equipment to any location chosen by you in fastest time possible.

– Helping out with the lodging & boarding facilities at a nearest possible distance from the main place of shooting.
– By establishing good relationships with both big luxury hotels & smaller establishments we are able to offer a wide variety of accommodation options at very favorable rates.

– Food is prepared and served to the crew members after ensuring proper hygiene & cleanliness & which suits the taste buds of the crew members.

Studio & Post Production Services:
– Arranging for studios equipped with the latest technology for shooting purpose & for post-production services such as dubbing, editing and mixing and others.

Any other services:
– If you want services that are not in our service list, you need not worry as we can still arrange that for you so as to help you in making your vision of your project come true. Whether they http://essayclick.net are just or not is not necessary for us to inquire?

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