Our Suite of Services

Multimedia Production: With expertise in audio-visual production for films, television, digital media, corporates and advertising, S3 Media produces a broad spectrum of long and short format films in filming documentaries, feature films, television series, music videos or commercials in cultural, historical, lifestyle and reality space. We operate both as a production and creative agency.

Creative Agency: With creativity and aesthetics at the core of our approach, we understand your need to make a film or series and carve out creative solutions that are tailor made for you. Our team of writers, directors, creative designers, photographers, production designers will deliver the required product.

Line Production: Being a team of directors and creative producers, our contribution extends beyond the role of a conventional line producer. We manage the local production before and during your filming to load-shed you from:

Budgeting & Scheduling: Once we received your scripts or details or storyboards, we will evaluate the total budget and send you the estimates within 24 hrs along with guidelines and location suggestions.

Shooting Permissions: Helping you in getting permissions from all Government, semi Government authorities and private persons for film shoots & other location-specific permissions such as to film on trains, temples, at monuments and in wildlife sanctuaries & such places such as studios & private properties.

Location Scouting / Reece: Helping you find locations and even guiding you on the best seasons to shoot, lighting conditions, and logistics availability at the location  Our expert location scouting managers will guide you in searching the locations of our choice. Reece can be done as per your script requirements or storyboards of commercials.

Local Liaising: Our production managers will help you in meeting all your local needs & deliveries.

Talent Casting: By focusing equally on the technical and creative aspects of the casting process we help you in searching the right talent required for your shooting purposes.

Equipment & Crew Hire: Facilitating the renting of the latest HD cameras, lights, grip and sound equipment from trusted suppliers along with finding the right & trained manpower be it camera person, sound recordist, grip or gaffer or any other crew as required on most reasonable price. All kind of latest cameras be it Red Epic, Red Dragon 6k, Red Scarlet, Arri Alexa, Canon C300, Sony Ex3,Canon 5d Mark3, Black Magic 4k , Phantom Flex High Speed, Sound Equipments, Jimmy Jib, Steady Cam, Lights & Dolly Panther can be made available.

In-house Equipments : We also have our own camera – Canon c300 & Canon 5d mark3

Logistics: Organising appropriate accommodation & travel arrangements for crew keeping in mind the location, budget and safety. We also have a network of reliable vehicle rental companies with knowledgeable, experienced and safe drivers who can provide us with special vehicles, equipment vans, boats, or any other travel requirement suitable to us.

Post Production Studios: The most modern state of art post production studios facilities is available 24×7:

  • Editing on SMOKE or FCP
  • Special effects or 3D animations
  • Telecine or DI
  • Dubbing or titling
  • Colour correction
  • Sound mixing
  • Computer graphics.

Music video production: We can provide you total production solution for your music video – recording studios with most modern infrastructures for music composing and song recording are available 24X7.

Security: We provide security not only for the cast and crew but also the equipment, packing and maintenance.