S3 Movies was founded in the year 2012 & is the brainchild of Samaresh Routray, a graduate of NSD and an acclaimed Odia actor of repute.

S3 Movies is a film production & distribution company whose operations encompass motion picture production, right acquisition and distribution; digital content creation and distribution; and development of new entertainment products, services and technologies.

It is the first entertainment company to create digital focused content under the brand name of “ODIAONE” and is one among the top 4 digital content owners in Odisha. One of the top line producers in Odisha focusing on all the aspects of line production : Location Scouting, Shooting Permissions & Production Support & specialising in multimedia production.


We are a 360 degree media house and a versatile and creative powerhouse. We believe in a collaborative way of working where we work in tandem with the client to strengthen the narrative elements within any script. Our endeavour is to create an inspiring environment to best & grow and nurture the creative product.

Music Video Production

We can provide you total production solution for your...

Creative Agency

With creativity and aesthetics at the core of our...

Line Production

Being a team of directors and creative producers, our...

Multimedia Production

With expertise in audio-visual production for films, television, digital...


S3 Movies dived into movie production with Luchkali in 2012 followed by Omm in 2014. Currently 3 movies are on floor “Adryusha”, “Tike Love Tike Twist” & “Kuha Mu Tumari Pain”. Apart from Movie production, we also have branched into Ad Shoot and different production activities with range of big clients in the industry.


We encourage young blooming talents, so if you have anything brewing in your mind you can discuss with us without giving a second thought. Provide your email and contact details below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Don’t worry. We don’t spam…


Films and the audio visual medium at large have been revolutionary since it was introduced in 1892. We believe that this medium is the most penetrative and engaging to preserve our history, culture and art. In India and around the world there are stories that need to be told and re-told, to be preserved for the future generations to see and experience.

Backed by a highly skilled, vastly experienced team

We hand hold your film, TV or other content productions, providing the most modern equipment, shooting permissions, guidance and logistics facilitation in a hassle free manner.

We understand Cinema & TV

We understand Cinema & TV and its diverse requirements, contingencies and last minute adjustments and align ourselves to your need.

We are dedicated to deliver innovative product

We are dedicated to deliver clients an affordable, innovative product while using the highest quality technology available.

We turned our passion into our profession

We turned our passion into our profession and our lifestyle, the idea of conceiving things on paper, going out with a crew and camera to film it and put it together on the edit is what we live for.